How Can I Add a Product in ZKPOS?

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How Can I Add a Product in ZKPOS?

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  • How Can I Add a Product in ZKPOS?

    • Product details are entered and displayed there.
    • Click on PRODUCTS LIST from products.
    • Add all product’s details to ZKPOS Restaurant.

    • To add a new product, go to SETTINGS.
    • Click PRODUCT.
    • From the menu options, select PRODUCT LIST.
    • Then click ADD (+) button in option menu.
    • UPC code is automatically displayed.
    • Enter Product Name, Alias Name, Cost, And Sales Price.
    • Choose Units, Status, Vendor, and Product Type.

    • You can scan barcode if the product has a barcode
    • Click on scan barcode button
    • You will get a pop up to show the barcode details
    • Scan the barcode on the product using a barcode scanner
    • You will get the barcode details at the interface
    • Click CLOSE button

    • In Tax settings select the tax for product from the saved details
    • Active taxes are shown in this interface
    • Default tax already in selection mode and in red colour
    • Select the taxes for this particular product

    • In discount settings you can select the discount already saved in software.
    • Tick the check box and click SAVE button