ZKPOS Supermarket 5.0.1

ZKPOS Supermarket
Old Version:
New Version:

  1. Bug Fixing
  2. Design improvements
  3. Search option in utility
  4. Add translation language for product name in general settings
  5. Update the name of utilities
  6. Addition of Naming series
  7. Contact Us option with distributor and retailer details
  8. Opening balance option for vendor
  9. Multi warehouse and warehouse stock management
  10. Add product description option in invoice
  11. Display customer total credit in invoice
  12. Display product alias name in invoice
  13. Display branch name in invoice and reports
  14. Auto barcode generator
  15. Multiple product stock/ Link product option
  16. Tax Template
  17. Invoice wise credit payment
  18. Product description on quotation print
  19. Flexible ticket note option
  20. Addition of category and selling area in store
  21. separate invoice template for big print
  22. Weighing item import option
  23. Invoice template creation and printing
  24. Bulk print option
  25. Software language to switch between
  26. Shelf barcode option
  27. Exempt default tax option in product list
  28. Maintain stock option in product list
  29. Link barcode option
  30. Confirm the expense in expense details
  31. Confirm the stock receiving/ return/ transfer
  32. Physical stock updation option
  33. Opening stock addition and import option
  34. Save current stock option
  35. Separate stock entry for warehouses
  36. billing by select the quotation
  37. Stock receiving by selecting purchase order
  38. Stock details from billing window
  39. Product description addition option from billing window
  40. Advanced option to change price, tax and discount
  41. Print preview option
  42. Delete payment option for half settled bills
  43. Print preview in tickets
  44. Delivery notes in ticket
  45. Addition of invoice wise discount reports, Vendor payment due report , low stock item report
  46. Addition of customer payment due report
  47. VAT return form
  48. Vehicle wise stock return
  49. Manual stock return from vehicle
  50. Warehouse wise billing
  51. Warehouse wise stock return
  52. Ware house wise reports
  53. In built prn file selection option for barcode generation
  54. Option to send feedback by customer
  55. Option to add opening balance for customer

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